Why does it sometimes take us just oh so long to be so grateful for what we have, and just be content with that?

I found this song while I was pregnant with my precious Jack, and haven’t really listened to it since, but it popped up on my iPod tonight and my breath was taken away yet again. “You came from Heaven,” “the beating heart inside of me,” the words that inspire me about this go on.

Hearing this, while watching my son Jack silently play and talk to his cars on the living room floor moved me to tears. It was not so long ago that he was just a beating heart inside of me, and now he’s a precious little man who can call to me when he’s hurt, or excited or sad. He’s going to slowly grow into a man at my fingertips, and how quickly am I to take for granted how each and every moment I have with him is just not enough, because forever with him would not be long enough.
You see, my life didn’t count before him, I aimlessly wondered for years until out of the blue I was suddenly blessed with this life that I so little deserved, and out of the worst circumstances… Who assumes there life will be found, and complete because of a one night stand? Probably not many. Mine was. Out of a terrible deed I got the most beautiful gift. No one can ever tell me that an unwholesome act can’t be redeemed. Mine was. I now have the most beautiful, smart, energetic, entertaining, precious gift anyone could ever ask for.
That beating heart inside of me that grew out of what I thought was a bad decision, is now the entire reason that I intend to make my life count every day. Because in the words of the bridge of this song, they completely describe how I want my son to grow up seeing and experiencing the world, and without my guidance, my presence, my happiness, and my devotion to making life count, he may miss it all. Here are the words that now inspire me to be a better mother, and should inspire us all:

“I hope your tears are few and fast, I hope your dreams come true and last, I hope you find that love goes on and on and on and on, I hope you wish on every star, I hope you never fall to far, I hope this world can see how wonderful you are…”


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